2013 Synthetic Turf Task Force Report

Recently, several people have brought up the County’s Synthetic Turf Task Force from 2013 and the report that was generated.

A lot of work and effort went into this report. The task force met for months and was able to address many issues. Among the conclusions was the recommendation to move as many schools as possible to the two field model, work with diamond field users to explore their long-term interest in turf fields, explore life expectancy and more.

Here are links to the report and to the PowerPoint that accompanied its presentation.

Many Benefits Depend on Parents and Coaches

While it seems obvious, it is often overlooked that a positive youth sports experience often depends on coaches and parents.

This study from Athletic Insight, the Online Journal of Sports Psychology  looks at some of these issues. It is really a review of other studies.

The general conclusion: “Although youth sport clearly provides opportunities for positive outcomes, research suggests that these positive outcomes are not necessarily automatic.”

The importance of coaches and parents can not be understated.

New Study Finds Limited Risk in Youth Soccer

An article in the February, 2010 issue of Pediatrics (the official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics) has reach some important conclusions about youth soccer.  Among them, there is no evidence that heading the ball leads to concussions.  You can read the whole report here: Injuries in Youth Soccer

First, soccer can provide a valuable component of fitness and physical activity strategies for young people.

Second, knee-injury risk-reduction programs seem promising, particularly for adolescent and collegiate female players. Research-validated programs are easily accessible at no cost on referenced Web sites.

Third, to reduce soccer-related fatalities, goalposts should be secured in a manner consistent with guidelines developed by the manufacturers and the CPSC.

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