FCPS goes with $50 activity fee on all participants

Got a great update on the school board’s fee debate and votes from the president of the Woodson Athletic Booster Club:


I wanted to provide an update on yesterday’s School Board’s FY2018 Budget Vote regarding the proposed $100 athletic fee.

Last night, the School Board passed a $50 “extracurricular activities fee” versus the proposed $100 athletics fee.  This $50 activities fee is modeled on a similar annual, one-time fee used in Montgomery County.  It is not a per sport/per activity fee.  For example, if a student plays on 3 sports, belongs to an honor society, and is the member of 2 clubs, the student only pays FCPS a total of $50 for the year (not $300, which would be $50 for each of the six extracurricular activities).

During the meeting the School Board considered two motions put forth by Braddock District Representative Megan McLaughlin to address the proposed athletics fee.  The conversation was extensive and pointed at times, with several board members commenting it was not equitable to only impose a fee on student-athletes.  Various School Board members cited the letters and emails they received from the booster clubs and student-athlete families as well as the extensive funding provided by the booster organizations.  It was evident our communications resonated with some of the board members.  Continue reading

High School athletic boosters oppose participation fee

The Fairfax County School Board considers imposing a new participation fee on students who play high school sports. The fee would be similar to the one that was passed several years ago but soon eliminated. (After two years if memory serves.)

I’ve previously posted about the Athletic Council’s opposition to the fee. Now High School Athletic Booster clubs from around the county are voicing their opposition. Many of them have sent letters to the school board. As I get copies, I will post them here.

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Athletic Council opposes FCPS proposal to create new sports fees

The Fairfax County School Board has proposed a new $150 per season (max two seasons) fee on high school athletes. The fee would generate $3.8 million. The fee would be waived for students receiving free and reduced lunch support.

The Athletic Council opposes this fee and has sent a letter to the School Board outlining its concerns.

[docembed url=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/70ucpcg975ymgmk/Ltr%20to%20FCPS%20about%20fees.pdf?raw=1″ viewer=”google” width=”100%” height=”500px” download=”all” ]